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AntiSystem is a Multifunctional Discord Bot running on Slash Commands!

AntiSystem is a bot that prevents scams, raids, hackers, and a lot more away from your server. AntiSystem has systems like AntiPing, AntiScam, and a lot more you can see on our Website! Or in the /help command!

You can setup things like logs for the events and logs for every scam, ping, or any other detection on your server that happens

Recommended Commands

/setup-antiping /setup-antiscam /setup-antinsfw /setup-antibadword use /help to check other commands, please.

If you see any kind of scam link that isn't blacklisted I'll recommend going to our Support Server and reporting it so it can get blacklisted as fast as possible!

Having any errors please report them to our Dev Team!

Website at

Discord at


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