EnderMan is an advanced multipurpose bot.

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Category: Multi, Mod, Utility, Fun, Economy
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EnderMan is a Advanced MultiPurpose Bot & verified by Discord!

Economy: EnderMan has a economy system called "EnderCash" which is fun to play. There are many commands in Economy like work, daily, beg, use, etc.

Moderation: EnderMan has such moderation commands which will make easy to manage the server.

Fun: If you got bored, there are some fun commands like hack (fake), rps, etc.

Ticket: The most awesome feature of EnderMan, there is a advanced ticket system in EnderMan and it's easy to setup and use.

Logging: It is easy-to-setup and use too. EnderMan currently provides the logging of ghostping, memberjoin, memberleft, messageedit, message_delete and moderation.

Many More: There are many more categories like Information Commands, etc. which contains many commands.


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