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Novexa Discord Bot 🪐🚀

Novexa comes with a wide range of tools to help your server thrive!

What can you do with Novexa?

😂 Fetch/Automate Memes 📈 Search YouTube/GitHub/Twitch Profiles 📇 Assign Roles To New Members/Assign Every 5 Levels 🎉 Welcome Messages/Level Up Messages 🤖 Talk to, Automate, and Customize ChatGPT 🔎 Search YouTube/GitHub/Twitch Profiles 📢 Announce YouTube/GitHub/Twitch Notifications

🚀 Assign Roles to New Members - Customization coming soon!

🚀 Advanced Ranking System - View your daily, weekly, and monthly position! Includes Universal Ranking

🚀 Check Ranks from Other Members - View their complete rankings!

🚀 Anonuncement pings - You can enable this in settings

🚀 GitHub, Youtube, Twitch - Notify when you go live on Twitch, upload on YouTube, and make repository changes on GitHub!

🚀 Memes - Get the latest memes from Reddit!

🚀 ChatGPT - Users can customize ChatGPT's chat engine and temperature!

🚀 Welcome Messages, Levelup Messages, Server Milestones - Set a location where these announcements are made!

🚀 Automations

  • Automate Meme sending once an hour (Customization Coming Soon!)
  • AI conversation starter (Customization Coming Soon!)


/milestone - Adds a milestone to the server and announces it when it has been reached

/announce - Sets announcements from social media platforms

/chat - Chat with our AI chatbot

/meme - Fetch memes

/automate - Set chat/meme automations

/rank - View detailed ranking from you and other members

/stats - Brief look at your own stats in the server

/stats server - Take a look at the server's complete stats

/youtube - Fetch info from YouTube channels

/twitch - Fetch info from Twitch channels

/github - Fetch info from GitHub users

/clean - Cleans up unused level roles

/help - Shows help menu

/version - Shows release notes

/support - Sends link to support server

We are currently in Alpha stage. If you experience any issue or inconvenience, please let us know in our support server. We will help you out as soon as possible!

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