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humanID is an innovative and privacy focused verification bot built by the Foundation for a Human Internet, a privacy nonprofit supported by Harvard and the Mozilla Foundation. humanID is fully open source and verifiably deletes all data immediately after the verification. Our unique, award-winning technology has been reviewed by privacy experts and is being used by whistleblower websites and social networks to protect users’ privacy while at the same time protecting platforms from spam and keeping users accountable.

🖱️Setup Process:

Add the bot to your server.➕

Verify your email.✅

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Tip: Use this link to get more detailed instructions for adding humanID to your server-

✔️Verification get verified screen on discord

✔️Privacy open source code

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🏆Winner of the Harvard Business School Navab Social Impact Fellowship Fund 2020.🏆

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🏆Winner of Mozilla Builders’ Open Lab Award 2020.🏆

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