A free multi purpose bot with 5 modules, welcome, utility, game, moderation and economy

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Server security is everything and I believe that my bot gives server Mods and Admins a huge advantage as it has full moderation commands as well as auto-moderation (consists of Anti-links, Spam tagging, Discord Links and anti-swearing) which can be toggled on and off when needed.

Moderation aside, my application brings fun to the server with the Economy and Music modules! The economy module allows users to type commands to earn virtual currency and compete with each other with a leaderboard. The music module allows users to listen to top quality music in their server absolutely free which is one of the most loved features of the bot!

Now onto the search module, this simply allows users to search some of the largest search engine platforms such as Youtube, Google, and Giphy.

Finally, onto the Welcome module, this module has been around since the bot was created, it allows you set set your welcome and leave messages for your server with DM welcome messages and auto roles coming very soon.


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