Your multi-purpose bot, with every function you need. See images from the mars, moderate your server easily and create polls with result!

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See your hypixel and bedwars statistics and get the skin of every player and more.


View pictures from the Mars rovers and learn everyday something new with the astronomical picture of the day. You can also get information about chemical elements and see all humans that are currently in space!


Moderate your server easily and keep it safe with an advanced warning system, kick, ban and mute commands and much more! Luigi will also log every staff action to make sure that moderators don't abuse their permissions!


Create polls with analytics, direct on discord. Luigi will make sure that no user is voting twice and will give you a chart with the result.


Luigi also comes with alot of info and utility commands. You can get server and user informations, check IBAN numbers and more!


Have fun with the economy system. Try to get money by using different commands and mini-games! Can you be richer then your friends?

User Voice Channels:

Let user create voicechannels using the bot, that are automatically deleted when they are empty! So you don't need a bunch of voice channels for all users!

Why should you choose Luigi?

Luigi has many various functions. So you don't need many bots to get all functions you want. The bot is always being updated with new features and the developer will always help you with problems and is open for suggestions! Over 50 servers with more then 50,000 members are trusting Luigi! So you don't need to worry about your data! Persuaded? Invite Luigi NOW by clicking here!


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