Jarvis is an advance Discord Bot

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Jarvis is an Advance Discord Bot that is being coded in Python, Python is a very powerful language that is used in making Ai also.

Jarvis has Areas of Expertise that is Inspiration Commands,Mini-Moderation,Coding-Program,Image-commands,Math commands and more

Jarvis Detailed Command Description Inspiration-commands 😀: Jarvis has more than a million quotes that will inspire you!, it will respond to negative messages and will respond in a positive way, and like the rest of the other bots Jarvis also has General commands

Mini-Moderation 🛠: Jarvis is also a Mini-Moderator Bot that can help you in Moderation as other Moderator Bots, It has a limited set of commands, which are very useful and powerful for moderation, Note please give it the right perms to use Moderation commands !

Coding-Program 👨‍💻: Jarvis also teaches Users coding with the help of its Coding commands, Users can learn a lot of new and powerful programming languages. Jarvis teaches coding with the help of Discord Embeds. New languages will come after updates and patches so stay Tuned

Image-Commands 📷: Jarvis has fun and Interesting Image commands, which will make you laugh!

Math-commands 🔢: Jarvis has new and improved Math commands which will help to solve basic Maths Problems

Jarvis has more Interesting Features coming Like Economy System 📈 in which we will introduce the Stock Market System so stay tuned !. Invite Jarvis Today 👍


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