Baldi Bot

A Discord bot filled with fun Baldi's Basics themed commands

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Prefix: <@821513607916814376>
Category: Music, Fun
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Baldi Bot for Discord

Baldi Bot is a Baldi Basics themed bot that involves fun and soundboard commands for Baldi's Basics fans and all the commands being Baldi's Basics themed. Some features include:

  • Sending people to detention (You can now have a custom detention using <@> cdetention. <@> adetention works the same but uses roles.)
  • Find High quality Baldis Basics mods
  • Listening to Baldi themed Music like some Baldis Basics OST and fanmade music.
  • Calculate Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
  • Verified by Discord and in over 90 servers
  • Other misc stuff

If you like Baldi's Basics or just want to send those bad users to detention, invite the Baldi bot today!

This bot has been proudly made by Matthew's Development


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