A (kinda) simple music bot from Vietnam, plays every songs by your request, lots of features, with no premium restriction.

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Hu Tao

A Music bot can play mostly all streaming platform (Spotify, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Apple Music and YouTube)

Some feature about this:

=>⚙️ Audio Filters:

With 25 filters to apply for your song (Nightcore, Vaporwave, Karaoke, Mono and more) (Please notice that few filters may not work as you excepted)

=>📜 Lyrics (With Synced feature):

Provided by Musixmatch, there are a lot of lyrics from the bot, you can get the lyrics from current song or from the keyword (It might be inaccurate for current song searching)

=>🎛️ Equalizer:

Choose a perfect audio equalizer for your song and your ear

=>▶️ Auto-play:

Automatically pick a song that related to the current song, enable Auto-play feature with /autoplay command

=>🎧 DJ role:

Pick a role that can only use the bot (the member who doesn’t have DJ role can’t use the bot until DJ permission got reset)

=>🗣️ Speak:

Make the bot speak in voice channel with it text-to-speech

=>📻 Works like an audio player:

With many and easy features apply for user (For example, Skip to song, Back to previous song, View the history, Remove song from the queue)

=>🎲 Not just a music bot:

We also provided some different commands that not related to the music but fun (For example, meme images, wordle, and more)

=>➕ There are more:

Be sure to check /help for more commands

=>🤖 Bot update:

We also update the bot with new features, check /update to see what’s new

=>🐞 Bug report and suggestion:

If you find out some problems to the bot, report it on /report, or through our email support ([email protected])

That’s all, We hope you enjoy our bot :3

Hu Tao


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