The ultimate AI-powered Discord bot (Not official bot).

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ChatGPT discord bot is an ultimate powerful bot (Not official bot).

You can ask questions by mentioning the bot.

ChatGPT Hello what is your name

Help Command

  • /help
  • /ping
  • /invite

Chat Models.

  • /ask-gpt (Ask GPT questions)
  • /ask-openchat (Ask OpenChat questions)
  • /ask-bard (Ask Bard questions)
  • /ask-gemini (Ask Gemini questions)
  • /ask-llama (Ask LlaMa questions)
  • /ask-llava (Ask Llava questions)
  • /ask-mixtral (Ask Mixtral questions) Image Generation Models.
  • /imagine (Generate AI Images with stable diffusion model)
  • /kandinsky (Generate Kandinsky AI Images)
  • /absolutebeauty (Generate Absolutebeauty AI Images)
  • /sdxl (Generate sdxl AI Images) Our api access.
  • /new (register with our api)
  • /key (get your apikey)


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