Extron is a powerful multipurpose Discord Bot serving guilds since 2021. Featuring a wide range of admin and utility modules to make things easier for you.

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Moderate your server easily and keep it safe with an advanced warning system, kick, ban and mute commands and much more! Extron will also log every staff action to make sure that moderators don't abuse their permissions!


Create polls with analytics, directly on discord. Extron will make sure that no user is voting twice and will give you a chart of the result.


The leveling is a module of Extron that gives users xp for chatting. Users recieve between 3 and 5 xp per message, but they get only xp for one message per minute. This prevents spamming! If an user reaches a certain amount of xp, they level up.


Extron is very configurable to make sure, that you can use the bot as good as possible.


Extron also comes with alot of info and utility commands. You can get server and user informations, check the weather and more!


Have fun with the economy system. Try to get money by using different commands and mini-games! Can you be richer then your friends?

Why should you choose Extron?

Extron has many various functions. So you don't need many bots to get all functions you want. The bot is always being updated with new features and the developer will always help you with problems and is open for suggestions! Over 30 servers with more than 200,000 members are trusting Extron! Persuaded? Invite Extron now by clicking here!


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