Anti-Idiot Bot

A discord bot that blocks NFTs advertisements and Idiots from your server

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Prefix: nft!
Category: Mod
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Sick of people advertising their NFTs Project websites or NFT servers in your discord server? What about keeping Bad users OUT of your server? Well Anti-Idiot bot is the perfect bot for you.

  • Delete NFT Markets/NFT Discord Server Advertisements in your server and See which members posted an NFT Advertisement in a set logs channel.
  • Option to ban members if they dare post an NFT Project Website/Discord Server/Marketplace
  • Get notified of Idiots and Potientally suspicious users joining your server
  • Option to ban detected Idiots if they join your server

The service is provided by: Idiot Creature Hater#2255 on Discord. The same creators of the Meowbahh Discord bot.


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