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Managing your server's member count has never been easier

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🤖 Welcome to MemberCounter Bot! 🎉

Hey there! Looking to keep track of your server members effortlessly? Look no further than MemberCounter Bot! With a range of handy commands and a sleek interface, managing your server's member count has never been easier.

🛠️ Available Commands:

  • mhelp - Get assistance with helpful embeds
  • mtoggle - Easily toggle the member counter
  • mabout - Learn more about the bot
  • minvite - Invite MemberCounter to your server
  • mupdate - Manually update member count

📊 Features:

  • Seamless member count updates
  • Convenient member count display in nicknames
  • Easy-to-use commands for quick management
  • Detailed bot information available on demand
  • Stay organized and informed effortlessly

💬 Get Started:
Simply invite MemberCounter Bot to your server and start managing your member count hassle-free!

Invite Now!

Got questions or need assistance? Feel free to reach out to our support team!

Happy counting! 🎈


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