Your multi-purpose bot, with every function you need. See images from the mars, moderate your server easily and create polls with result!

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Luigi is a powerful Discord bot that offers a range of features to enhance your Discord experience. With Luigi, you can access Minecraft statistics, view Mars rover pictures, learn something new every day with astronomical pictures, moderate your server, create polls with analytics, level up with XP, configure the bot to your liking, access utility commands, and even engage in an economy system!


If you're a Minecraft player, Luigi is the bot for you! You can easily access your Hypixel and Bedwars statistics, view player skins, and much more.


With Luigi, you can explore the wonders of science right from your Discord server! View pictures from the Mars rovers and learn something new every day with the astronomical picture of the day. You can also get information about chemical elements and see all humans that are currently in space!


Keep your server safe and secure with Luigi's advanced warning system, kick, ban, and mute commands, and much more! Luigi logs every staff action to prevent moderators from abusing their permissions.


Create polls with analytics directly on Discord! Luigi ensures that no user can vote twice and provides you with a chart of the result.


Engage in a leveling system with Luigi where users receive XP for chatting. With the leveling module, users receive between 3 and 5 XP per message, but only one message per minute counts towards XP. Once users reach a certain amount of XP, they level up!


Luigi is highly configurable, making it easy for you to use the bot to its full potential. Plus, we provide a web dashboard to make configuration even easier!


With Luigi, you have access to a range of utility commands. Get server and user information, check IBAN numbers, and much more!


Engage in some friendly competition with Luigi's economy system. Use different commands and mini-games to earn money and see who can be the richest!

User Voice Channels

Let users create voice channels using the bot that are automatically deleted when they are empty! Say goodbye to a cluttered list of voice channels.

Overall, Luigi is a comprehensive Discord bot that provides a range of features to enhance your Discord experience. Try it out today and see how it can transform your server!


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